A meat board does not wait by the meat, as the meat doesn’t mean for us the animal and the violence of butchering. In a consumer society, the indifference by the essence of ready things is known, few are interested about the cake recipe, only by the ready cake.
The object and the things are only extracts. Names, labels, brands, images, everything is humanized, nothing escapes when the human experience interposes the nature of things. As if everything which exists have an obligation to be utile, although there is a existential reason for everything in the world.
The effect is that we stole that exists in nature and we insert it brutally on artificial plane. The things, as the nonhuman beings, need to be utile. However, everything is fabricated, there’s a hidden process which conceals the slavery of things.
Everything has a name, and so named, in addition to have a meaning, these things indirectly start to be female or male because all words are female or male. A stone, in a language meaning, despite rough, harsh and gross, has in its name the female lightness as well as the softness of the female touch. Maybe it is a way to balance between the weight and the lightness. That’s the way things are. It’s necessary to observe everything. It’s necessary to recognize the parallel between human and the things.
“À LA CARTE” installation, by Sônia Gutierrez, attracts by the aesthetics which benefits the plurality without to serve at human experience. Even though every object has multiple meanings, even the experiences of surprise or pleasure on this artwork, every object there wants to be free. In this artwork, the boards, synonymous of butchering, at same time that provoke, brings questions to the installation about form and material which seem to be condemned to serve the human being. However, they would not serve. Maybe, what will remain about the proper conflicting contemplation is an aesthetic of strangeness. The demand of meaning puts the human being on duty with things, the roles are reversed.

Please, help yourselves!

Élisson Silva e Souza


À La Carte

Sônia Gutierrez uses a language with poetic signs and exceeds the surface lines, creating, on the juxtaposition of ordinary elements, the images group that compose this series. The artist multiplies the poetic of life in her work, marking her footsteps in the own path of artist, trying to repeat on routine the paradigm of Creation.

Serves herself of graphic techniques to represent the boards, frames, sculpture…and give us the perspective over her world, as a critique about massificated culture.
Transmits a sensation of an absence – presence that make us to question the idea about content and form. This series of Sônia Gutierrez reflects the resonance of being. Symbols that, removed from reality and juxtaposed, reflect the human value on industrial society context.

João Gutierrez

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